April 16, 2018

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April 15, 2018

Beauty's Inspiration : Pony Syndrome

To most fans of Korean beauty, makeup and fashion, we know this beauty YouTube Channel, Pony Syndrome. Pony Syndrome is a quite easily make up tutorial  and is run by a Korean beauty guru with 3 million subscribers and 70 million views, Hye-Min Park, better known as Pony.

I know how much you love korean language by watching Korean dramas and I'm sure you'll like this beauty channel with Korean language and equipped with subtitles to make for a smooth viewing experience. From natural look makeup tutorials to celebrities look like Taylor Swift, you just name it. Also,  pay attention to her hairstyles, which is suit very good with her makeup tutorials. In fact, there's no much makeup tutorials that's suit with the hairstyle, some Youtuber prefer to have a bun hairstyle while doing their makeup tutorials TT_TT.

A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

A post shared by PONY 포니 (@ponysmakeup) on

April 13, 2018

Letter of Happiness Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa

Peace be upon you and hi.

I have a good new for you guys, Siqahiqa make a giveaway for us. I opening my blog and scroll down my bloglist on the sidebar and it happened that Siqah updated her blog with giveaway post and I totally excited to join this giveaway as a support between bloggers.

List of presents :

dUck Scarf (New) : Matte Satin Silk in Love Letter

Book : Love & Happiness by Yasmin Mogahed

dUck Notebook (New) : Stuff-It Notebook in Blush 

I'm not expecting anything from this giveaway, but I wish to you guys all the best to you who join this giveaway. Kiss hehe. 

Conditions of this giveaway is :

1. Follow her blog Blog Siqahiqa 
2. Follow her Facebook page 
3. Follow her Instagram accounts @haqisfila and @siqahiqa 
4. Copy banner and make an entry about this giveaway titled Letter of Happiness Giveaway by Blog Siqahiqa 
5. Publish your entry and leave your URL blog post in the comment section.  

For your information, the giveaway start from 13 April 2018 to 13 May 2018.
I'd like to read Siqahiqa's blog because of her writing style different from others bloggers, plus with a tidy, clean and neat plus simple feminine blog design will catch anybody eyes who come to read her blog posts. I mean her great blog posts. Unlike me, Siqah totally know how to write a great posts with an amazing glossary with well-organized posts and sidebar and footer.  Oh you should read her book reviews by the way and her flatlays.. I think she's gifted when it's come to flatlays , do you know how hard to take a good flatlay with a zero editing skills.? The lighting? The arrangement of the pieces of the flatlays, maybe book with a flower and rings. I'm no good with the camera. My hand keep shaking when I trying to take any photos so whichever photos that I uploaded on my Instagram that's look not so bad, just consider it as a luck. Sigh. 

Again good luck for anybody who join this giveaway ;-)

Vacation At Batu Burok Beach Resort.

What's women loves? Food and shopping.
What's women nightmare? Period pain.

I'd know about the nightmare, cause am, myself as a woman go through it since I was twelve. I know my pain is not as bad as others but when you're in the mood for a vacation or something like that, the overjoy totally makes me forget to check my period calendar. Sigh 

The pain kills me inside and I lying in bed while everybody else enjoyed seeing my niece playing in the swimming pool with her uncles. But I fine, totally fine with the hot sizzling yee mee and a glass of fresh lemon iced tea for the dinner. 


My sister booked two rooms at Batu Burok Beach Resort. I shared a room with my Umi and my brothers while my sister with her husband and daughter in another room. Guess who's aren't with us. Abah,  sigh again. I don't know why he's so hardworking and passionate about his job lately. But Umi said Abah isn't kinda a person who excited for a vacation. I got it already. 

I'm not capture any of photos of the room but what can I say, there's two single beds, a closet, and water heater. But no bathtub, I don't except it anyway hahaha because all I want to do is lying on comfortable bed while scrolling down my Instagram. And we went to do some shopping, to upgrade my closet at home with better clothes, of course to spend quality time with the family, I wish Abah was there :-\.

I had to iron my clothes and my shawls in the room provide by the resort for ironing, not bad but there's some dirt on the ironing board so I have to used my kain batik for prevent my clothes from getting dirt. Had the breakfast and lunch and dinner at food court nearby because the restaurant in this resort is closed and I don't have idea why so we were definitely decided to eat at food court. There's swimming pool in there but for me, it isn't so big and not so clean. I hope they'll improve the facilities for the guests.

We were there for only 2 days but I just love it like so much, by watching the sunrise and the sunset, which is so beautiful! Stroll at the beach with family, and anything else. If you're got some time for your family, this resort can be a good choice because of the strategic location, near Batu Burok beach, restaurants and food court and Kuala Terengganu town *insert triple thumb up emoji here*

April 07, 2018

Do You Have A Habit?

I do. I lick my lip. I will stop, I promise but I licking my lip like everyday every time, and I don't even realise when I doing it, so I think I need to give myself some time to stop it. I have no idea how I'm supposed to stop this mucky habit! So what to do when you have no clue at all? Just google it. For those in Stop-Licking-Lip Therapy with me, Uncle Google suggested to try a bad-tasting lip balm or petroleum jelly and gosh, do you know how gross they taste?! It definitely works but for a jiffy, being the inconsisten girl I am, I don't always remember to apply the petroleum jelly so my lip condition is real no good because of my habit. Dear future husband, sorry, I'm not Kylie Jenner with gorgeous lip  :-\ .

Hot Mocha - Whenever I have a fresh cup of any hot drink, Mocha will be my first ones. Of course sometimes I just chilling with another hot drinks like teh tarik but I just love Mocha, I loves the mixture of espresso, chocolate and milk in a cup which is can boosting my mood and my day. Short, Mocha is the best ones ever. Pretty not sure whether it is a habit or not :-!

Staying up late - Everybody did it too. I'm trying not to sound like a weirdo that's why I said everybody did it too. Scrolling down my Twitter timeline, Facebook, YouTube and blog, trust me my people, I'm not only the one who did it. 

Yawning over and over again - Here we go, the weirdest side of mine. I went to the Tesco with one of my friends. A guy and bought some stuff and I can't stop myself from yawning. Sigh. Shameful. I'm not sleepy, yawning. Bored as hell, yawning. Annoying, also yawning. Hungry and books and makeup store, ain't yawning. After all, I'm not such a weirdo, am I? 

Touch my face - Now you know why my face have pimples, pimples scars, whiteheads and blackheads, do you? 

Okay laa... Hot Mocha kinda not such a habit but favourite. All of them, my habits, I hope you enjoy yourself reading this entry and for those of you to get to know me too. 

I'm sure you have a habit as well. Mind sharing? 
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