November 28, 2016

plain jane & baby bro


I'm just read a novel before which is I buy it through online, for the first time. Actually I'm already read this novel for several times and I love it. Plain Jane by Nurul Syahida totally awesome as always like any Nurul Syahida's novels. And I know I should make a review of this novel since I love it and I would love to share with you about my love.

By the way,  my brother wants find a job for him *it's school break already* and he's tried to be an adult already by got a job although he's just sixteen just to buy a new smartphone for himself.  But you know how teen is.  Haha.  He's never got any job yet.  Isk isk.  Poor you baby bro *loudly laughing* by the way I'm proud of you, brother.
Okay I'm pretty much got a missing-the-blog-and-wanna-update-my-blog-like-so-much symptoms .


November 13, 2016

following on instagram


I loves Instagram apps.  I'm not  update my Instagram like everyday for life,  but I loves stalking.  I'm a stalker on Instagram, and I'm proudly to admit.
So today I will  post about people who I follow on my Insta (I'm not posting all of them) and who knows you might want to follow them too.

1. Aisha Nabihah
Aisha is my ex-classmate when I'm form 4 and 5. And she so cute and adorable.

2. A Little  Paper  Doll
Her photo?  Awesomeness

3. Melissa Male
It's a  great photo right?  I can't keep in confinement to tap follow button on her profile.  BTW she is blogger too ♥

4. Little  Miss  Bento.
Oh how cute *make silly face * that why I follow her account.

5. Steph Allaire.
I love her black outfit and her hair color then my finger click the follow button.

Then how about you ? Do you have  your own favorite instagram account?  Mind share with me.

November 09, 2016

erni's 10 lines spillage


Have  a great  weekdays guys (but sometimes weekdays  are  not great  as  we thought because  it's  weekdays  and  not as good  as  weekend?  I rest  my  case.) So,  I wrote this  entry  as nothing for  you  guys  but  sometimes I need  to  spill  when I  have  to and  when  I feel  lonely  at  midnight in the  dark bedroom and  there's a word that  call as  over thinking and  you're  need  to  throw it.

Erni's 10 Lines  Spillage :

1. We're totally  have  something that makes you're feel awful inside and outside but you can't get  rid of. So embrace it.

2. Meds+docs+psychiatrist = pain in the butt

3. Everybody  has  skeletons in their  closet.

4. The only comfort is knowing we're  proudly smart enough to live life the way we want it,  thought others 'll fail to try to screw it for us, we prove them wrong.

5. They have no idea what I feel like when I looking back at my old me.

6. People who thinks they are knows you better than others are totally suck because they didn't.

7. It's easier to spill to a stranger, sharing your thoughts and ranting about anything in between.

8. Be a parents doesn't mean you knows your  children  better. Trying to be able to know your kids better and more than that.

9. Allah s.w. t created you.  So live on because of His love and believing in His love too.

10. Get a grip.  People come and go, life have it's own bittersweet and upside down, sometimes life hectic for a day and you can't avoid, some people who makes you feel better and down at the same time, and for sure life hurt and  reality bites.

So that my  10 Lines Spillage and I'm bet you have your own spillage too,  not only me. That why I loves blogging about.  You can spill anything in between and feel free and better than before.

xoxo,  mija

November 05, 2016

my current songs at the moment

Hello people.

I loves music as much as I do and I'm pretty sure you guys love it too, well nobody don't like music right? I'm a girl who obsessed with discovering new songs on SoundClound, and this is my current songs that I've been listening non stop:

So , if you guys have SoundCloud acccount, kindly follow me HERE in case to check out and stay update my other playlist, but don't worry Cause I would loves to share my current songs at here any moment so stay. Heh.


November 03, 2016

november bloglist by fatina


Join giveaway untuk bulan ni November Bloglist by Fatina 
Tag Lala Rahim dengan Budak Vanilla *senyum lebar*

So pasal blog Fatina nih, tak ingat dah bila start baca blog dia hehe tapi blog dia best sangat. Berblog dalam bahasa Inggeris lepas tu banyak buat review buku pulak tu * part paling best bila baca baca blog Fatina*, suka design blog dia, gaya bahasa blog dia and daripada blog dia lah saya boleh tahu banyak pasal novel-novel omputih ni hehe. So saya cadangkan meh la ramai-ramai baca blog Fatina ni especially yang gila baca novel tuh * termasuklah saya* , korang boleh baca review Fatina pasal novel-novel segala bagai nih. And design blog dia cantik and kemas hehe, kemas tu yang penting and to Fatina thanks sebab sudi singgah kat blog ni and makes me rasa terharu sangat bila awak sudi singgah sini .

Toodles. hehe
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