February 15, 2017

hlovate's story

From Hlovate's book, I learned about boarding school students life. 

From Hlovate's book, I learned about rich kids life who is in depression and broken family. And met her lifesaver. 

From Hlovate's book, I learned about to change yourself, from bad to a good people  and from good people to a better person. 

Fighting has been enjoined upon you while it is hateful to you. But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows, while you know not. - Al-Baqarah 2:216

Hlovate's novels were published by Jemari Seni, not Alaf 21, not Karya Seni or Penulisan2U. Alaf 21 suck, you know and I hope Alaf 21 will be make a better start. We're in the 2017 not 2004 and so on, but I'd start reading novels from my cousin on 2004, I don't remember the title but it was published by Alaf 21. Then I stopped from reading any novel and start read again when in secondary school until now. To be honest with you guys, Hlovate's writing style in the books different from the others novelists, especially Anthem. Malaysia-India-UK story between Dania Dashrin and Lee. Also Rooftop Rant and [tunas] and Versus and Contengan Jalanan and so on. 

Writing is all about knowledge. The good things is, Hlovate's book taught me to live your life well and how to cope with the allegations. Hlovate's book totally worth to buy and read with all the awesome quotes and songs.

Why I loves Hlovate's book :

1. No kinda of silly amnesia story. 

2. There's  no another characters who trying to destroy your relationship with your boyfriend and whatnot. 

3. Hlovate is not an old-school writer, she/he still know the kinda teenagers life, that's why hlovate's books awesome.

4. No cliche story like another Malay novels.  Like,  you met your life-partner but can't stop arguing with each other, fell in love with him/her, the family keep resist the relationship another characters appears and yada yada yada. Thumb up, Hlovate. 

5.  There's no contact marriage at all compare to another novels which is make me feel happy reading the novels. 

6. Uni in overseas especially University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

7. There's always have great song whether Malay songs, English songs and so on, with the lyrics too. 

I love reading her / him novels instead of silly lovely dovey novels which is make me feel annoying euww. Hlovate cool, Rainbow Rowell also cool. John Green and Sophie Kinsella too. Great novelists with great books really makes my day. 

My favorite Hlovate's novels :

1. Rooftop Rant 

2. Anthem 

3. [tunas]

4. Contengan Jalanan - read the review here Contengan Jalanan 

5. Versus - read the review here Versus

I didn't read all Hlovate's books but sure will do. 

February 05, 2017

year one

Hi everyone.

Mija Blur turns one today, it's have been a year since I made this blog, thank you so much to you, you and you who sticking around this blog since beginning. This blog would be nothing without you guys. Thanks a lot people. Ahh well this post should be published on January but I forgot, it's doesn't matter when I gotta to publish this entry actually.

One year isn't that long and I still not very familiar with kinda things especially blog post, it's still suck (when I'm read it) and I felt like it's a 7 years old kid who write all these blog posts T_T.
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