March 20, 2017

birthday surprise !


First at all, I want to say Happy Birthday Lazada. Lazada have been 5 year old already well and maybe they should get ready for school tomorrow. Oops,  I almost forgot, we're in school holiday season right now so no school for a week. Yeppy. 

I bet children love school holiday more than us,  because we,  as a adult, school holiday is nothing for us. We're still got a job to do.  When you don't get a job, means no money and when you don't have any money, means no shopping and when no shopping you'll be stress out and when you got stressful, pimples will comes around and  you guys gonna be mad. I'm serious. 

We are ladies and ladies needs a shopping treatment so we're not gonna kill ourselves.
Just kidding. And to make this school holiday be much better than before, and to make your children holiday season be like wonderful time ever of course we need to take  a break from work for a while and go to shopping with our family or friends.

For their 5th anniversary, Lazada makes a great offers and deals with the many items and available products will be offered during the 3-day sale 22 to 24 March 2017 only, so we could grab this opportunity as fast as possible before this huge offers expires.

There a lot of fun at Lazada when it comes to offers.

And there's more than that. Unbelievable, Acer Aspire ES14 gave discount for 37% around. And there also have Samsung Galaxy A7 but don't worry I will stick with my Vivo Y66.

Hurry up,  install Lazada latest version on Android and enjoy your special offers. 

march favorite songs


Here I am, from Soundcloud to Spotify. Finally. Thanks to Nadia actually sebab berjaya buat I terpengaruh. Thanks again. 

Hope you guys have fun listening to my playlist. Feel free to follow me at

March 14, 2017

shopping with shopee MY


I have to admit that I addicted to shopping thru online. Unbelievable, I also buy my skincare products thru Guardian online right now because err because I'm a little bit lazy tho. It's all Plain Jane fault. Because I bought her through online and I felt so much good on it. Well,  you don't have to get ready to waiting the bus or asked your abah help to accompany you to buy something. Not anymore. 

So, get back to the topic I knew this apps through Namee Roslan blog and thanks Kak Namee by the way. Shopee have everything in between. From head to toe, from makeup to clothing and accessories and technology. Awesome.

What I like about Shopee apps is, if you buy any products and make a payment, Shopee protects us by releasing the payment to the seller upon buyer confirming receipt of the order. Once us (the buyer) accepts the order, the payment will be released to the seller. Meaning, our money safe with Shopee. And if we received wrong products or damage products or we don't receive our products, we can request refund/return product before our payment released to the seller , I mean before you tap on Accept Order. Then,  you got your money back.

So, if you have preloved items, you can sell it here. It's easy apps I have ever. And I bet you know what I am.
 A night owl. 

March 10, 2017

looking for souvenirs?


As for me,  giving or got some souvenirs much better than gifts,  I don't know maybe it's just me. Well yeah the cheapest souvenir is also souvenir, non? Mostly,  people giving souvenirs for their beloved ones whether family or friends or their partner as a reminder to them as the special one in their life. Me too. How I wish my family or friends could give me the souvenirs as a their love of me, clingy you.

Well,  you're not always got travel or vacation in the world to relax and enjoy and got some extravagant  souvenirs for your beloved ones from any country or state or any fun places in anytime you want to,  that's why when I came across Shapeways site,  I got fascinated by their designs. Well,  you're still can give souvenirs without a vacation or travelling but came across their website, Shapeways 3D Printing  

The cutest souvenirs ever.

Jumping Leopard Bracelet Cuff

Rocket Espresso Cup

Your Secret Heart Espresso Cup (Small)

Bracelet Black Panther

Helix Bracelet

Elegant Bracelet

I loves coffee cup and bracelet like so much. Oh and ring too, sorry cause I don't have the ring photos maybe you should have the cute little ring too by pay a visit to their website at here too and got some souvenirs for yourself too. 

March 09, 2017

be happy


At the first,  I don't know  why 'Be Happy' for my entry this time. That's so random  duhh. I know  I've been  hiatus for the long way ago and I'm sorry. I am. It's all writer block fault,  why he always came to me when I don't need him ( Don't ask why I called my writer block as him although writer block not so gender things).  So it's time  to update  my lovely blog and hugging them tightly. It's clingy enough Erni,  you better stop it right now >.<

I loves music and I know I keep replaying these two songs over and over, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (my favorite ones this year) and Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey (still the best ones) and I can't wait to new one, Memories... Do Not Open. And yeah I know almost of us are music lover. Oh maybe you guys should listen to Supermarket Flowers and How Would You Feel (Paen)  by Ed Sheeran too (urgh why eh I keep recommend Ed Sheeran songs)

By the way, I'm getting married soon and congrats to myself. Just kidding, people. Maybe I'll publish my next blog post next year, buddies. Kidding again.

Writer block totally suck but I still loves my blog. 
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