About Me

Hello. Welcome to my tiny little space on the internet. I'm only going to tell you a quick backstory of myself and my blog. 

Family of 4 siblings, I'm the eldest. Nazihah, her husband, Izran and their daughter, Damia,umi, abah, and there's the boys, Zhafri and Zhikri. By the way, Nazihah and I only one year gap while with Zhafri six and with the youngest boy, Zhikri 13 gap (I'll be nenek when he's get married *crying a lot*)

YIE. Yaya Ira Erni. My best friends with the most self-absorbed Whatsapp group name in the world. The Whatsapp group was created by Yaya and she named the group as *robot emoji* then I changed it to YIE because I realize that weren't a robot but a human so let's put our names on the WhatsApp group will be great. Took some time for all of us to get close but once we did, we clicked immediately. Yaya and Ira are a little further away from me but we tried to keep each other update on most days, very expectedly of course. 

Why I decided to make this blog? Well,  because I am such a girl who always said 'she has bla bla bla ? I want have bla bla bla too' . That's why I'm here. Why I put my name as a blog title? Because I want people to get know me with my own name. When I'm creating this blog , I'm consider myself to be a very,  very lucky person. With the huge, lovely family I have, the most best bunch of friends who're constantly by my side through anything and everything, to have you as my reader. I could go on all the day. My first blog post was published as the same day of Abah birthday as a gift from me to me. Always loved writing and loved the idea of blogging so here I am. 

I'll try to blog as frequently as I can but I'm sure  most of you are or will be in the working world and you'd know how hectic my days to got the money. Anyway ,welcome to my lifestyle blog of mine, Erni Hasmiza. Thank you for dropping by *put on a big smile*
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